Bioassays are biological materials such as urine, blood, tissues, cells, DNA, RNA obtained from humans, animals or plants. Bioassays have long been collected and stored to aid clinical and research activities. A biorepository is a facility that collects, processes, and stores biological samples.

Human bioassays are stored and related patient information (e.g. medical history, social history, demographic details) recorded for disease assessment, treatment plan development, drug efficacy studies, or disease biomarker detection.  Learn more about biorepository via the web.


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Therefore, the purpose of establishing a biorepository is to make samples and related data available to researchers. An organic repository that holds human samples is usually referred to as a biobank. 

With the advancement of modern research and technology, biobanks have become an indispensable resource for the research and rapid development of precision medicine.

Types and uses of bio-repositories

-Hospital-based bio-repository supporting research through biomarker validation.

-Fully integrated bio-repository into the patient list.

-A bio-repository that identifies genetic traces to aid therapeutic development.

-A disease-focused biorepository that primarily focuses on understanding certain habits and practices.

Framework for working in biorepositories

HIPAA: Bio-repositories must follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines to protect patient privacy.

Informed Consent: Organic repositories store human biological samples and therefore require a signature from the sample donor as they have full rights to withdraw authorization to use their samples.


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