Everyone has one favorite spot at home. Do you also have one? For many, it’s always the balcony garden of the house. After a long tiring day, coffee in your favorite spot of the house is so relaxing.

The joy of seeing the blooming flowers is extremely overwhelming. If you also wish to have a balcony garden go through the post below. You can also get your balconies customized with the help of a reliable balcony plant hire via interiorplantdesigns.com.au/balcony-and-terrace-plant-hire/ based on your budget.

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Check On How Much Space You Have

The first step to creating a balcony garden is to have space. Check out how much space you have in setting up a balcony. Also, you have to be sure that your balcony will be able to hold the weight of the clay pots, earth, and water.

Weather Conditions And The Direction

Once you check on the space, check in which direction the house balcony is, and whether it gets the optimum sunlight. Plant the saplings according to the weather conditions of the place you live in. Make sure your balcony gets enough sunlight and place the pots accordingly.

North-facing balconies are a little tougher because they just won’t get a ton of sun. You’ll need to look for plants that thrive in partial or full shade. They exist, so keep them in mind when selecting what to grow in your balcony garden.

Get Some Knowledge On Plants And Gardening

Before setting up a balcony garden, get some knowledge of the plants. Maybe you can take up an online knowledge, or you may read some books. Don’t plant the saplings with the enthusiasm of setting up a balcony garden and make the plant die, without adequate knowledge.