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Dental implants are a type of artificial teeth that are inserted into the jawbone. They provide a more natural look and feel than traditional dental braces or dentures, and allow you to eat and speak with ease.

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There are many different types of dental implants, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Each type of implant is designed to replace a specific tooth or teeth, and provide a more stable, permanent solution than traditional removable dentures or dental bridges. 

Here are the few most common types of dental implants:

1. Fixed bridge: A fixed bridge is a type of dental implant that uses two or more posts to create a foundation for replacement teeth. The posts are typically made of metal and held in place by either dental cement or a dental plate. 

2. Dental crowns: Dental crowns are similar to fixed bridges in that they use two or more posts to create a foundation for replacement teeth. However, instead of using metal posts, a dental crown is made out of porcelain or another sturdy material and has a removable top layer that’s capped with a real tooth.

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