The quality of memorial cards is largely influenced by consistency. This is especially true for fonts, the style of the text used. Once you decide on what font you want to use, make sure to use the same font throughout the design. 

  1. Colors

Depending on your theme there is a certain palette of colors used mainly for memorial cards. These include slightly darker muted colors, to give an air of sophistication and respect. 

Colors have a huge effect on emotions and perspective, so the use of bright or gaudy colors can be inappropriate, as they would be more suited for birthdays rather than memorial cards. Take care in selecting colors that complement each other and contrast enough that the media used can be seen easily. However, it would be highly advisable to get your printing done by professionals via for memorial cards in Cork.

  1. Embrace the use of space.

Good use of space and distance is a great and easy way to make your design looks balanced and symmetrical. Whether your text is aligned with the middle of the card or to one of the sides, make sure to give yourself a small margin from the edge and avoid letting text go past that. More often than not, a good amount of space used in the design gives it a certain elegance when designing memorial cards.

  1. Take your time.

There’s no need to rush a design, especially one as personal as this. If you’re finding it hard to get the design just right, just take a break and come back to it later. Always give yourself enough time to step back and proof the card to make sure you’re really happy with the design. If you feel like you’re still stuck, ask someone you trust to give you an honest opinion.