It is often difficult for manufacturers to communicate complex components only through drawings and photos. The benefits of 3D modelling should not be explained here as you may well know (and be grateful for) the benefits that 3D CAD already offers. 

For customers unfamiliar with 3D modelling software, a 3D product visualization platform may be the ideal solution for displaying objects over your customer network. You can find 3d visualization: definition, use cases and benefits over the internet.

Corrugated cardboard shapes may be difficult to depict with a linear drawing, especially for injection moulded or blow moulding components. In addition, if the lighting is inaccurate when rendering the frame, the customer may miss critical details about how the component performs compared to the original ID model. However, with a web-based visualization platform like Threekit, you can visualize completely unique shapes and then tilt, move, rotate and rotate them to get the best understanding of the part being created.

Production of 3D products for visualization

That's why it's important. When customer expectations are properly set through accurate product information communication, you can have happier customers and fewer problems for your account management team.

Built-in building materials library

The Threekit platform includes a built-in material library offering a wide variety of commonly used materials. This is the best way to ensure a production CMF runs correctly in the viewfinder. Our library of materials is extensive, professional and easy to use. For manufacturers, communicating how their components will be cared for after production is critical to customer satisfaction.