With impressive strides in the world of technology, the surveillance camera field is also undergoing a revolution. Today, these cameras are also affordable and more flexible than they were a decade ago. There are cameras that function as standalone units, and others that can easily be disguised as everyday household items.

However, one of the most attractive types of surveillance camera systems is probably the infrared night vision camera. It cannot be denied that most crimes are committed at night. Therefore, your surveillance camera system must be very active at this point for maximum security. This is a night vision camera. You can also surf the web with the phrase, best night vision security camera reviews using various online sources.

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The bottom line is that this camera can record video even where there is no light. This camera uses an infrared light source (usually an LED) to "illuminate" the sight. What is promising is that these cameras are insensitive to the human eye and therefore this source cannot be seen by anyone in the dark. 

Good infrared cameras that can illuminate about 100 feet are readily available in the market. Another feature of night vision cameras has heat energy. These cameras are much more expensive than infrared surveillance cameras, but also much more useful. 

They usually work in unique ways. They capture the heat emitted by an object or person and then convert it into an image.