There are a few factors you need to remember when doing repairs to asphalt. Consider first what resulted in the asphalt's break. The two main causes of the failure of asphalt are ultraviolet rays as well as water damage. Ultraviolet rays degrade the asphaltic substance in asphalt, which causes cracks. 

The water gets into the asphalt through cracks and causes the base layer to be saturated and then washed away. Once the base material has been washed away from underneath the asphalt surface, this permits the asphalt to fail and eventually develop into the form of a pothole. You can hire the services of asphalt repair in Charlotte, NC from

When the cuts have been created around the perimeter, carefully clean asphalt, and other substances in the affected area. The area should be free of dirt. 

After you have removed the wet materials then replace the area with a suitable material that is compact, like crushed and run or stone. Based on the dimensions and extent of excavations, it could be required to make the new material compact in lifts when it is placed into position. 

After putting in the correct compaction to the existing base it is recommended to apply a tack coat placed. This coat will ensure adhesion between the base material and the new pavement.

To ensure that the area is in line with the elevation of the current asphalt, you must ensure that the new asphalt has been compacted using the help of a vibratory roller. And lastly, take care to clean the entire work area using a blower, and clear away any excess debris.