Soft-release buttons serve an important purpose under their pleasing aesthetics. High-end cameras have a rubber o-ring under the shutter that gives a softer feel. The purpose is to provide a compression barrier between your finger and the firing mechanism. Adding a soft-release spreads pressure over a greater area allowing you to have more control when you activate the shutter. 

Whether you do or do not need a soft shutter release button is a personal decision. Some people love them and prefer these buttons. If you find your camera’s shutter button to be hard to press, too recessed, or hard, a soft release button may help. There are many websites such as from where you can buy these buttons.

Installing a soft shutter release button is a simple and easy procedure. If you are using a threaded model, simply grab the button in your fingers and carefully thread it into the camera’s shutter release button clockwise. If your model came with a rubber o-ring, put that on the screw before you install it on the camera. Pay attention not to cross-thread the screw and do not overtighten.

A neat trick to go about this is to initially turn the button counter-clockwise while pressing it lightly in the threaded hole. You will feel a little skip at a certain point of the rotation. This means that the threads are aligned, and you can carefully start threading the button clockwise until tight. Tighten the button lightly, do not crank on it with all your might as this may damage the camera.

Once installed, the soft shutter release button should not affect anything in the normal use of your camera. You will notice that the raised profile and wider base of the button makes triggering the shutter a more controlled and pleasant procedure.