A powerful compressor is essential for major tasks such as framing a house or stripping the paint off a car to apply for a candy paint job. In Australia, for demanding, tough jobs, a powerful compressor is essential. Industrial & commercial air compressors are able to do this with their range of heavy-duty machines.

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Industrial Air's smallest air compressors are around 20 gallons in volume (the volume of their air tank). They are made in the company's standard upright or "vertical tank" configuration. Although they do offer horizontal tanks of the "hot dogs" type, their main focus is on upright models, which can be as high as 77 inches.

Industrial Air's 120-gallon air compressors are the largest. They can withstand long periods of grinding, sanding, and spraying. This model was painted in the same glossy, sleek black the company has chosen as its "livery color". It is one of few horizontal models and is set up more like an outdoor propane tank, with the main machinery on top.

Industrial air compressors are built to last. They can be expected to withstand a steady, high workload, such as that found in commercial environments. Cast iron is used to make the tanks, which are known for their strength and solidity. Cast iron is used for flywheels, and hardened steel is used for valves. The belt guard is made from heat-conducting metal which helps explain why these devices run cooler than other equivalents.

In Australia, the Industrial Air compressors were designed to tackle the most difficult work and provide reliable, powerful air pressure for many years. They are strong enough to provide support in many work situations due to their robust design, flexible controls, and high-pressure output.