Comics are still an important segment in the publishing industry. No matter how old you are, comics still fascinate most of us because we create a special relationship with the characters depicted in them.

It’s hard to name only the best of the best comics. The Batman and Superman comics are still sold as cakes in every bookstore. These books were created and appealed to a specific group of readers, especially teenagers; The comics are at the top of the list of all-time favorites and fans are hopeful they will lead the competition in the near future. You can also buy the best comic books via h(also known as beste meilleures bandes dessinées de batman via in the french language) for the best content.

However, the decision for the best comics really depends on the individual points of view and taste. DC Comics is the publisher that created this fictional character decades ago. There are rumors that the first Superman was portrayed as a villain. In the early 1930s, Hitler was commander-in-chief and was supposed to form the superman gang. With the second edition, however, the whole idea takes a completely different turn that makes Superman a true hero who disperses villains. Action Comics is the name of the original Superman comics.

Superman comics took on another dimension when we were introduced to Clark Kent with an alternate ego in its seventh edition. Another aspect of the story is the fictional projection of Clark Gable as Clark Kent. Currently, DC Comics, with the help of production companies in the United States, makes films based on the best comics. There have been several Hollywood Superman movies that have become big hits around the world. Many producers still come to remake these cartoon characters to entertain millions of fans around the world.