If your relationship is in trouble, it's a good idea to use all resources to save it. If you use it correctly, relationship advice can be very helpful. Most people don't know where and what kind of assistance they can get. 

There are many ways to get relationship assistance such as self-help books, counselling sessions and online websites. It can also be found online through other sites, such as message boards for TV therapists. You can ask questions about relationship problems and get answers from others.

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Counselling can be a great source of support for your relationship. Men are often afraid that the counsellor will be biased and favor the woman, so they avoid counselling sessions. 

Good counsellors will be objective in assessing the situation and will give the right advice to both partners, who will then accept it and take action.

Another valuable resource for relationship guidance is self-hep books that offer relationship advice. You can find them in book stores, order them online or request them from the library. 

You can also find great advice from online websites However, you should ensure that the advice comes from a licensed counsellor. You should verify the credentials of any person giving advice. Then, consider how relevant it is to your situation, and then, follow the advice.

It's easy to find relationship advice these days, with a variety of professional counselors and growing online resources. All of these resources are there to help you.