Web traffic capacity, sometimes referred to as server capacity, is the amount of visitors you can support at any given time. There are many factors that contribute to how well your website performs under load, such as hardware, network bandwidth, and server response times. VPS hosting is a great way to increase web traffic capacity and improve website performance.

When you use a low-priced VPS, the server that hosts your site is virtualized, meaning it is divided into multiple individual servers. This allows you to use more resources and faster processors on each individual server, which in turn results in a faster website. 

Additionally, because VPS hosting is separate from your personal computer, viruses and other malware cannot affect your site, and you can safely access your site from anywhere in the world.  VPS hosting provides greater scalability. 

With VPS hosting, you can easily increase the number of websites or applications that you are hosting on one platform. This is because VPS hosting allows you to create multiple virtual servers, each with its own set of resources.

VPS hosting is affordable. While this type of hosting does come with a cost, it is usually much less expensive than traditional web hosting services. In addition, many VPS providers offer discounts and special deals for clients who choose to use their services regularly.