What is a brand? Simply put, it defines the identity of an organization, product or service. It's more than just a name and logo. Identity should be based on a unique idea and told through an interesting story. 

You need to connect with potential customers and create a positive emotional connection. The idea must be different from the competition and in accordance with the worldview of the target market. It must also be authentic, which means making empty claims is not enough. Organizations need to really bring their brand to life. You can navigate to this website orberandco.com/services/branding-services-london to contact brand strategy specialists in London.

Brands increase the value of services and products by differentiating themselves from the competition, creating positive mental associations and building emotional connections with customers. 

Price competition can increase short-term sales, but it is a dangerous strategy for anyone seriously considering building a profitable and sustainable business. Building a successful and sustainable brand requires careful consistency and planning. 

It needs strategy. A brand strategy is a plan that defines the ideas and stories behind the brand, the structure and relationships of brands within the organization, and the key identifying elements. These can be elements such as company and product names, color schemes,  language tone, logos, etc.

It also provides a framework for implementing the brand into the operations of the organization and using it to achieve business objectives effectively. This is not just a cosmetic exercise; This is a key element of business strategy.