What makes it a reptile?

There are countless species and varieties of reptiles around the world. Although there are many differences, reptiles share some common traits.

For starters, they use the lungs to breathe. Lizards can breathe using the same muscles they use for running and crocodiles have a more flexible diaphragm, but overall, reptiles have lungs that are more advanced than amphibians, but more like mammals are not refined. Reptiles are not the only animals with scales, but this is a common feature among all reptiles.

Another characteristic is that they are all four-legged vertebrates (or descendants of four-limbed animals such as snakes). This is another shared characteristic with other types of animals, which indicates that reptiles are an evolutionary middle ground between amphibians and mammals. For the most part, female reptiles lay eggs but this is not typical of all reptiles. Browse to sites like reptiz.com/ to know about the reptile.

Reptiles are known for their cold-blooded metabolism. If you've ever seen a reptile in an enclosure, you may have noticed lamps and other forms of heat. This is because basking in the heat raises their internal body temperature giving them the energy they need for daily activity.

What are the Different Types of Reptiles?

Reptiles can be classified into major groups:


In which there are 23 different species of crocodile, caiman, gharial, and crocodile.

As you know, crocodiles are large, semi-aquatic, and predatory animals. They are usually found in the lower regions of the tropics and usually have long, flattened snouts and canonical, peg-like teeth. Some species of crocodiles are traded as exotic pets when they are small but are often abandoned because they are larger and more dangerous.


Which is made up of tortoises and tortoises and has about 300 species.

They are considered primitive as they are some of the most ancient reptiles among us. Their shells make them easily distinguishable from other reptiles and they are also a popular choice as reptile pets.