There are many options available to you when decorating a kid's bedroom. You can get bed sheets with the ABC letter pattern, or buy a rug, cushion, or pillow with ABC images. Children learn best visually, so it's important to introduce them to the alphabet in an interesting way. Using alphabet wall art and ABC inspired bed sheets featured at are two great ways to introduce the concept. You can also incorporate animals into the letter shapes.

ABC-inspired bed sheets

Whether you are decorating a child's bedroom or you are designing your own, ABC-inspired bed sheets for kids featured on can make a great addition to the room. Not only will these adorable pieces of bedding make bedtime extra-snuggly, but they can also be a great educational tool for young learners.

ABC rug

Adding an ABC rug to a kids' bedroom is a fun way to help your child learn their alphabet and identify each letter. This rug features bright colours and a fun design. It is also non-slip, so it's perfect for kids' rooms. It's also great for nursery rooms and the playroom.

ABC cushion

A great way to start introducing the alphabet to your child is to decorate the nursery with alphabet decorations. Children are visual learners, and will remember the alphabet better if they associate it with a familiar object. Wall art, posters, and framed pictures can be used to introduce the alphabet. You can also incorporate animals as letter shapes.

ABC blocks are a timeless toy that can help your child learn the alphabet. They are perfect for playrooms and can also be placed in front of the bed. This is a great learning tool that also helps teach your child how to spell.

ABC pillow

A kids alphabet bedroom accessory will be incomplete without an ABC pillow. These pillows feature colorful blocks that spell out the letters of the alphabet on one side and animal images on the other. It features an individual pillow cover with reinforced zipper opening ends. The pillow cover should be hand-washed and hung to dry. You can also iron it using a warm iron on a damp press cloth.

ABC wall letter hanging

For a fun, colorful accent in a child's bedroom, consider a wall-mounted ABC sign. This colorful, embroidered wall decoration includes all the letters of the alphabet on white canvas. It comes with a wire hanger. It is the perfect addition to any nursery or child's room. The letters are easy to place and hang, and the lettering is playful and abstract. It also has an appealing color scheme that will appeal to young children.

ABC wall letter hangings will brighten a child's room, while also teaching them their letters. Many of them are made with child-safe paint and convenient loops. You can find a variety of options at Pottery Barn Kids, including a wide range of sizes and finishes.