Mold is prevalent in damp and musty conditions and is common in dark, moist areas. From basements to carpets, air ducts, ceiling tiles, and even clothing, mold can work its way into many places in your home, causing material damage as well as aggravating allergies, and respiratory conditions and presenting other serious health hazards. 

If you suspect your home has a mold problem, you should get a professional mold removal firm to help you. You can look for the best mold test company online.

TESTING FOR BLACK MOLD in the home or office

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If you're looking for a mold removal company, be sure they can answer the questions below.

Question #1 – Where Do Homes Have Mold and How Can You Find It? Many homes in our damp climate will show mold on the attic roof boards, inside HVAC systems and air ducts, and in basements, among other places. If you suspect your home has mold, call a professional mold removal company. 

Check to see whether they provide a free visual examination since this will allow you to discuss your problem with the technician and get a sense of the type of service they will deliver.

Question #2 – How To Get Rid of Mold?

It is necessary to not just clean up the mold but also remove the moisture that is acting as a breeding ground. For containment, a professional may utilize a wet vacuum, HEPA vacuum, and many layers of sheeting.

They may also use specialized biocides, foggers, or other specialized equipment to remove existing mold. Then, they will remove the water source as applicable (correct drainage, fix leaks, provide proper ventilation, etc).