A dementia patient lives in confusion every day. In the early stages of dementia, they may lose interest in most activities. You may just want to be left alone.

But they are still social creatures. You still have a desire to feel needed and useful. They may forget quickly and have a hard time controlling their mood, but still want to do something useful. You can also buy your first activity box online from various online sites. 

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One of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to help others. Doing something to make someone else's day better can help dementia patients find value in their own lives.

As a person caring for dementia, you should enable these activities and eventually participate with your loved ones. If you have young children, they can be a beneficiary of your business, or you can find a homeless shelter, nursing home, or other place that may need help.

Here are some ideas to try:

Prepare for a treasure hunt.

This could be as simple as taking a shallow container like a cardboard box or children's pool, some treasures (coins, small toys, etc.) and some sand and burying any items the kids can find.

Dementia patients can help by hiding clues or burying treasure and then watching the children hunt.


You can think of a dementia patient as someone who needs someone to help them, but there is still much they can do to help others. You can put bread on a plate in the soup kitchen, plant flowers and trees in the garden, or wrap gifts for underprivileged families on holidays.

Find activities that allow your loved ones to serve others. Encourage them to use this opportunity as long as possible. It's worth building your confidence.