There are some things that can make traveling for seniors easy and stress-free. To make the most of them, you need to know the top travel tips for seniors or those who often arrange for traveling for their elders and parents. 

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1. Know your rights

Senior citizens over 75 years old have special rights that will ensure that their flight is smooth and safe. If you have difficulty walking, senior passengers can request assistance at the airport. 

Many airlines now offer priority boarding for senior citizens after they have received a request. This is to reduce hassles during regular boarding.

2. Find non-stop flights

Long flights with many changes of planes/airports can make an otherwise healthy adult feel tired and uncomfortable. Non-stop flights are best for senior travelers who have difficulty sitting or walking properly or need assistance with stairs or walking. 

Non-stop flight transit reduces pressure on seniors' bodies and minds and allows them to travel more easily. 

3. All assistance needed should be arranged

Senior travelers are now being treated better by airlines and airports. If you're a senior citizen or someone in your family who plans to travel by air, ensure you have all the necessary items and notify the airline immediately. 

You don't have to pay extra for assistance such as wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, escorting guides, priority check-in, etc.

5. Essential items should be carried in your carry-on bag

The airline allows seniors to bring their medications and other supplies on board as long as they have been prescribed by a doctor. You should always ensure that your elderly passengers are well-prepared for any emergency.