Many people might remember the 60s to 70s era as the hippie era. The hippie culture was the most dominant culture during these times. The hippie clothes and the hippie lifestyle was the most popular culture and everybody wanted to belong to this group.

The "hipster" term in NZ refers to the cool people and it is actually based on the word hippie. Many would say that the clothes of the hippie would be the catchiest part of the whole hippie culture. You find the best hippie clothing in NZ from online resources.

These fashion threads have now been modernized and are accepted by the fashion world. Bell-bottom pants are now a worldwide hit. The long, full skirts of the hippie women are now an option for any woman who wants to go feminine. The skirts are now designed in new and creative ways, using different fabrics, and come in various designs and colors.

The peasant blouses are also a worldwide success. The blouses are even extended to become peasant dresses by maintaining its basic design. The blouses now come in many different varieties, colors, designs, just as long as it does not lose the basic peasant look. The mix of bright colors has made tie-dyed garments popular especially during the summer season.