Many skincare products, ointments, and cold oils proudly advertise camphor oil as an ingredient. Some big names like Ben Gar and Vicks Vapor Rub also made the list. Bottom line, when a big name like that uses the name camphor oil to market its products, there must be something in the oil worth considering.

Camphor oil is made from camphor wood, also known as Cinnamomum camphora, by steam distillation. The oil has a sharp and pungent odor. Available in three different colors, white, yellow, and brown. While white natural camphor oil from Australia is non-toxic and non-sensitizing, brown and yellow camphor oil is toxic and carcinogenic.

This extraction yields a solid and partially crystalline substance known as camphor. Hard camphor also has many medicinal uses and is widely used for religious purposes in the Indian subcontinent. However, its nature and use is a new chapter and I will discuss it in another article.

Here are some of the benefits and uses of camphor oil:

• It is antiseptic and antibacterial

• It is a great relaxant and can calm nerves and help with depression

• Gentle massage can help relieve inflamed muscles and joints. It can also help relieve painful rheumatoid arthritis

• This oil is very good for the skin. Apart from being a component of skincare products and cosmetics, this oil is also very helpful in getting rid of acne. Homemade soaps made from a blend of essential oils can help prevent breakouts and prevent the spread of bacteria

• This oil is good for the heart and is known to increase heat resistance. It can help increase blood flow and increase blood flow.