Mountain biking can be extremely dangerous. If you're an avid rider it is essential to wear specialized clothing to safeguard your body from injury. Downhill racing is among the riskiest types of mountain biking and can lead to fatal crashes. Therefore, it is essential to wear the right mountain biking clothes, bike pads, as well as other protective gear to safeguard your skin from injuries during crashes.

To ensure your safety it is crucial that your gears and MTB jersey are fitted to you comfortably and do not restrict your movements. Finding the appropriate protection jersey that suits your needs well could take a long and should be completed in advance of the date of riding. You can buy various clothes for (mountain biking) MTB at SOBIKE SPORTSWEAR online website.

Upper body armors are used for protection of the upper body in all its parts, including shoulders, chests, elbows, back, and the spine. Typically, upper body armor consists of an air-ventilated chest plate as well as an articulated spine protector. The armor is often paired with mountain bike-specific pads to ensure total protection. 

Mountain bike pads such as elbow pads or ankle pads are crucial to protect your entire upper body. Certain upper body clothing items include elbow pads built-in to provide additional protection. But separate pads are suggested to allow for the freedom of movement of the body.