In recent years, boutique hotels have emerged as the most liked guest accommodation all over the world. But the ironic fact here is that no one exactly knows what is the real meaning of the term 'boutique' or why this term is used in connection with hotels and what are the benefits of staying in this type of hotels. If you are looking for the best boutique hotels then  you can visit at

But the one thing which is very clear among the hoteliers is the fact that they know exactly what qualities or what characteristics will make their hotel a boutique hotel. The first quality is none other than size of the hotel. It is often questioned as to how many rooms should be there in a boutique hotel? As per the connoisseurs of this business, a hotel with not more than 100 rooms can be pompously called a boutique hotel.

The other quality or feature is the atmosphere of the hotel. It is widely believed that the atmosphere is an essential element for any hotel that is a boutique. In this context, atmosphere refers to the facilities and services that make a visit memorable. When it comes to Boutique hotels, the definition of atmosphere refers to atmosphere, decor, personal service, the mindset of the hotel staff, and, most importantly, a knowledge of how all of these blend and create a sense of intimacy among guests, which can further contribute to the appeal of any hotel.