The human approach changes over time. The underwear market, for example, used to be a quiet market, limited to a few shops here and there, and mostly served by shop assistants. 

Women often go to these stores unobtrusively, tell salespeople their size, barely notice and then sigh as they rely on the whole process. Now things have changed and women not only have to buy underwear, but also have to choose a different style.

Today there are online lingerie stores where you can get more info to buy underwear and bras. However, the question that often arises is whether it makes sense to buy underwear from online sources or rather buy it in person.

Also, since this is an online purchase, almost all options are displayed on the website, unlike in stores where the options are based on available availability. 

Although a lot depends on the mindset of the buyer, indeed many women feel uncomfortable with this set. For them, buying online is a blessing. The ability to shop online saves them from that inconvenience and they can shop from their personal space at home.

You can also sneak in for a bit instead of having to go to the market to buy. One can buy the best brands sitting in the comfort of their own home, taking into account the thousands of options on offer.