COVID-19 test kit is designed to aid you in conducting a secure, quick antigen test from the convenience of your own home. Have your family's instant COVID-19 test completed fast and easily by using this self-assessing kit. You can now be tested for COVID-19 within just 15 minutes using the test kit.

Self-testing without prescription at home. Log in to the online application and then collect the sample using the sampler. Place the sample in the tube, then break the extended portion of the swab. This will close the tube. If you want to buy Covid-19 testing kit, then you may visit to find the best one. 

 covid-19 testing kit

Add two drops of the test card, and then keep an eye on the results in the app. Recycle the kit's contents in a bag that is disposable. For people who are at least 18 years old.

Samples taken by adults of those aged 2 years or over can also be checked. It is suitable for use in a single location only. Not to be used for medicinal or internal use. Take the time to read the instruction booklet prior to use.

Keep the items in a cool and dry location, far from direct sunlight and high humidity. If your child or teenager is required to undergo an PCR test for travel or summer activities, or for a possible infection, demand can make it simple. The collection of samples is easy for your child by using a small nasal swab at home.