Birthdays are the time to celebrate the special people in your life with happy celebrations. 

A time-honored tradition is to honor the birthday ceremony party to your boy or girl with an appetizing cake decorated with sugar-laden figurines and candles that represent each year of their life on earth.

Usually, the hardest part of a birthday party is deciding what to buy. After all, what are you buying for someone who has it all? 

Birthday gift baskets are an excellent choice for a birthday child or people of any age – they are practically insensitive to distractions and always go down well.

You can never go wrong with a birthday basket designed for every special woman in your life, whether it is your mother, grandmother, wife, sister or daughter. Women love to be pampered. 

 If he's your master, fill the basket with those little tools and gadgets he always mentions, that he needs but never buys. Make sure you add a few items to complete the basket – you'll want to satisfy that cute tooth at some point. Think of a sports-themed theme for this birthday gift basket.

There is no limit in choosing birthday gift baskets for children of all ages. Stick to age-specific items from babies to teens. Think about the things you know your child will like.