Car insurance provides peace of mind and a sense of security for policyholders when driving on the road. While insurance doesn't necessarily prevent accidents, it does provide some level of protection for Australians who are aware of their lives and future. 

While a car accident is probably the last thing you prepare for or want to happen there is one silver lining that is not often spoken about. That is that when you are not at fault, you are eligible for an accident replacement car at no cost to yourself, in fact, the cost of such is covered by the driver at fault or their insurance company.

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Experts advise car owners to pay attention to some important tips that will help the policyholder in the event of an accident. These guidelines are very important to maximize the benefits of car insurance. 

When used properly, these steps can allow for faster processing of insurance claims and the recovery process can be much easier.

Car owners must also honestly and fairly report the details to their insurance company. Insurers value honest and fair customers.

Legal questions may also arise as part of an insurance investigation. Policyholders should always remember that they should not be held responsible for the success of any auto insurance claim. 

Car owners should always stick to the facts and avoid contradicting statements. In more complex situations, the policyholder may even seek the assistance of an insurance attorney.