An exhaust leak can not only harm your car’s efficiency, but it can also cause serious problems for you and your family’s health. Even though the exhaust system does not house any moving parts.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, or suspect something is wrong with your exhaust system, bring it to the professionals or you can even best performance exhaust via

Rumbling engine noise – One of the most common signs of an exhaust leak, an increasingly loud rumbling noise coming from the engine should not be ignored. The noise gets louder when accelerated, due to an increase in exhaust production, especially when you increase speed on the highway. This noise occurs when the exhaust smoke comes through a small hole or crack in the pipes of your exhaust system.

Decrease in fuel economy – If you experience an exhaust leak, your average fuel economy can drop nearly 40 percent – or more! Due to your O2 sensor not being able to take correct readings, your system will believe more oxygen is being produced which will result in more gas being burnt through, thus lowering your mileage.

Vibrating gas pedal – Another sign of exhaust system issues can come with a vibrating gas pedal. when exhaust fumes aren’t being emitted correctly, things can get a bit shaky. Oftentimes, these vibrations and shaking sensations can creep into your gas pedal or even your steering wheel! depending on how severe the leak is, various engine rumbling and vibrations usually go hand in hand.