The cause of cement lumps and blockages is often prehydration, which is the premature reaction of cement with water. Water is always present during cement production either through injection during grinding, as a vapor from gases, or the feed materials. 

Therefore, it is vital to avoid the conditions that cause prehydration in your mill system and cement silos. You can also check for the best cement terminal service through the web.

Construction of Clinker Silos

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Solving the root cause

One solution to lumps and blockages in the silo is to try to remove them by additional silo cleaning. This is not a desirable activity for regular operation. In addition to causing significant downtime and loss of sellable products, silo cleaning poses serious safety risks for personnel.

Other options for removing lumps and blockages – such as installing a cement cooler – require capital investment and increase annual maintenance spending.

In contrast, our SiloSafe Cement service identifies the root cause of problems and enables you to prevent them, for a cost that is negligible compared to the alternative options. The service is efficient, accurate, sustainable, and safe.

Apart from enabling safer working conditions compared to alternative solutions to silo issues, the SiloSafe Cement service offers important economic and commercial benefits. 

It decreases unplanned stoppages and reduces product waste and the need for unnecessary silo cleaning. Through reliable and accurate laboratory tests and specialist recommendations, also enables you to consistently produce high-quality cement.