Mobile cranes are very commonly used in the construction of buildings and the assembly of large equipment. They are used in various locations, such as construction sites, warehouses, and ports to complete any power-related task safely and efficiently.

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Mobile cranes also perform some routine maintenance and housekeeping of the crane equipment, such as lubricating and cleaning; they are used in many industry sectors. Mobile crane drivers may be employed by companies, construction firms, manufacturers, public utilities, transport sector companies.

Mobile crane operators enable mobile cranes to lift, move, position, and place materials and equipment and perform preoperational inspections. They are used to calculate crane capacities, determine load weight, set up, position, and stabilize the crane before lifting. Mobile crane operators have the additional responsibilities of disassembling, traveling, and transporting mobile cranes, and also participating in rigging procedures.

Hence, these cranes are among the most useful types of equipment for heavy industrial or construction projects. They are used for a variety of hoisting operations in all kinds of industries. Mobile cranes can be used for anything that requires large, heavy materials to be hoisted, transported, or placed.