All organizations, regardless of size, plan events for their target audience. Therefore, the last thing organizers want is to attract only a handful of event attendees. You can use an online event calendar tool to solve the problem of low attendance at your event.

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This tool can also help you inform your audience about all your upcoming events and activities. This comprehensive online calendar tool, integrated with event and course management software, lets people know about your business meetings, conferences, and courses with just one click, ensuring maximum attendance!

Easy to access

It is possible that participants of your events and courses can easily access your calendar of events from anywhere in the world. All you need to view your online events and schedule, as well as other features relevant to your events and activities, is a computer connected to the internet.

Quickly browse the calendar

Those interested in attending your events and courses can quickly get the following information, among other things, through one integrated platform:

• Deadlines

•Start date


• Contact person

• Registration details

Easy registration right from the calendar

This web-based calendar tool offers on-site registration for your events and classes. In other words, people don't have to search for your event class registration page because they can find it directly on the calendar itself. Therefore, it is easier for interested candidates to register for your event immediately without having to look for the form elsewhere.