HVAC Aluminum foil-based duct board has been constructed on a rigid foam base and is specifically designed to endure variations in temperature without affecting quality. Consistency and comfort are the primary features of this particular product. 

Air quality, as well as noise levels and efficiency, are largely dependent on the air ducts, which need to be planned and properly installed to allow the unit to function effectively. Check online resources to get more information about the Duct Board Panels.

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These foam boards that are rigid can also be scientifically described as polyurethane panels. They have aluminum foil backings on either side and are available in panels between 1.5 to 4 inches thick. These panels are also lighter by 90% than the other ducts made of metal offered on the market. 

The majority of the time, these panels can be used to provide insulation for ceilings, floors, and walls. There are some who use them for insulating metal ductwork. The insulation capacity of this material ranges in the range of R-7.1 between R-8.7 per inch. 

Be aware that ducts that are poorly constructed, improperly installed, or not properly sealed may impact indoor temperature levels, humidity levels, and air quality in the space. Be sure your materials comply with all building codes that are required.