Harley-Davidson's electric bike brand has many eye-catching designs for e-bikes that have a retro feel. The company now has a custom chopper-style electric bicycle that looks like a Schwinn Stingray bicycle. You may visit this link to buy the best Harley-style electric bike.

Harley isn't done with this custom e-bike design. This new design is part of a series called "1-OFF" in which Serial 1 will make unique electric bikes that can be sold to the highest bidder.

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The e-bikes have the same basic structure and accessories as Serial 1's retail bikes, but they are significantly modified.

The MOSH/CHOPPER is the first bike in the 1-OFF line. It has serious '60s chopper bicycle vibes. Serial 1 designed the beautiful and custom-modified electric bicycle, but Kendall Lutchman and Warren Heir Jr. were responsible for making modifications at JR’s Fabrication and Welding in Milwaukee.

These bikes come in a production version that includes all the technology and features found on the Serial 1 Tribute prototype. However, it has more modern styling and finishes. A spokesperson for Harley-Davidson said that the company may make a few Tribute bikes as giveaways or special sales.

The single-speed Mosh/Cty from Harley-Davidson is described as the "ultimate urban playground bike." It will be powered by a 529Wh lithium-ion battery that should provide 35-105 miles depending on your power level. These bikes have pedal assist so the range you get will depend on which ride mode you choose and how much pedal assistance you provide. The Mosh/Cty model will be the smallest, at 48.3 lbs. It will also have a Brose S Mag internal motor that brushes between the pedal cranks.

The frame is made of hydroformed aluminum and has internal wiring. It comes in matte black, glossy blue, or black accents. Two-piston caliper disc brakes with Tektro hydraulics are used on the rear and front wheels. The tires are 27.5×2.8-inch Schwalbe Supermoto-X and there are no racks or fenders. The Mosh/Cty model is the barebones version, without a shifter or digital display.