The franchise industry has what it needs; reduced regulations, access to credit and capital for franchisees, and reduced legal fees mean that we could easily add 5-10 million jobs in the country in the short term. If you are looking for franchise consulting firms visit

This may be a good sign, but if the franchise isn't selling, why not? Why do franchisors need support in finding buyers in times of high unemployment? Well, fewer people qualify for loans and many are afraid to start a small business. 

Well, maybe he even wants to start an advisory group to help dominant franchisors in his area find and recruit franchisors, and large franchisors will pay for the service. Interestingly, there is an opportunity for a franchise advisory team to contract with a franchisor for such matters, and a consulting firm can offer this service to 25 large franchisees or for an upcoming innovative concept from a franchisor in a region. 

Where would a consulting firm and selection of franchisor support find people for franchisors, potential buyers of licenses for prime franchises, or rather where would you find master franchisees at that level? 

Just as bounty hunters and search engine companies use a variety of online strategies to do so, from connected dashboards to high-profile dashboards they can browse, so too has WSJ's digital assistance in finding ads.