Composite stable doors are often overlooked when it comes to building entrances. They can be an effective and practical alternative to other types of doors in certain situations. Composite or uPVC-stabilized doors can be an attractive alternative to other types of doors. They also offer many benefits.

Composite Stable doors are named for their resemblance to doors found in stables. They are divided into two sections. You can either lock the top and bottom together to make them one door or you can separate them so that only one side is open. This will usually be the top section so that people inside and outside can communicate and exchange items while keeping a barrier in place in the lower part of the door frame.

Composite Stable doors

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There are several ways that composite stable doors can increase security. A door that opens in two sections may appear to be less secure because it gives two possible entry points. Multipoint locking systems are clever enough to make this false assumption. 

These locking systems allow you to attach both the frame and each other to your door, resulting in greater strength and resistance against break-in attempts. 

You will have greater security if you can open the entire door. You can keep a partial barrier in place by closing the lower half of the door if you are talking to someone on the other side or leaving the door open temporarily. 

Even if you are not there, vaulting above the barrier is a slower and noisier method than trying to get in through the fully-open doorway. This acts as a deterrent and gives you an extra level of security.