When you go to buy a new fridge or refrigerator, it is very likely you will get a minimum of one water filter that is built into it. In the current world, the truth of damaging chemicals in our water is simply about moving anywhere from bottled water. Since the need for healthy water has increased. 

There are many refrigerator water filters available on the market nowadays, however, the quality difference has changed considerably over recent years. Nevertheless, not all refrigerator filters are the same. 


As an example, the AQ-7000 from Aquasana has got the right to be called the most effective in-line water filter on the market due to the combination of filter media quality and the best technology. A top-quality granular activated carbon (GAC) filter is vital. 

There are 3 distinct technologies to search for in a refrigerator water filter. They are mechanical filter (filtration up to 0.5 μm), adsorption (chemically contaminating the bond on the surface of the GAC filter medium), and ion exchange (replacing harmful lead beams with hygienic potassium ions).

High-quality in-line refrigerator filters should have an extremely porous surface. One of the more expensive and highest performing materials is the coconut shell carbon block. This allows the successful removal of chlorine-resistant microbes like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Low-cost carbon is less powerful and must be replaced more frequently. Look for a filter that will last for at least 6 weeks.