Due to the risk of fire, a large number of laptop batteries have been withdrawn from use in recent years. While recalling Dell laptop batteries in 2006, Lenovo and Toshiba encountered the same problem. 

Sony produced batteries that had been retired from the market in recent years until the company announced a large-scale recall in October 2006. What was the reason for the confiscation? Sony laptop batteries can cause a fire due to a short thermal connection.

Thankfully, Panasonic has started mass production of lithium-ion laptop batteries that are much larger than what's currently offered. You can also find high quality Lithium Ion Batteries for sale online. Enjoy your laptop and no worries about laptop fire issues anymore.

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The new design laptop battery has an insulating layer of metal oxide between the anode and cathode to prevent the battery from overheating in the event of a short circuit. 

Ultra-modern Panasonic batteries are also based on the so-called "18650" form factor, standard sizes – 65 mm long, 18 mm diameter – for cylindrical cells Laptop manufacturers for laptops built into box-like devices, laptop owners will know.

The battery life of innovative battery models is not only safer but also much longer than before. Without increasing cell size, the new Panasonic product line results in a 7% increase in capacity compared to the current 1850 cells. However, it is not yet known when the new battery will hit the market.