House cleaning is a part of your essential domestic chores that you will never like to skip.  The professionals working for House Cleaning Service have come up with some precautionary measures that you can follow while cleaning your home. Check them out.

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Check that you do not fall down

You often have to climb heights while cleaning your house. For instance, you need to get to a lofty height for cleaning the ceiling fan or the lampshades. You might also need to climb heights for cleaning the lofty shelves and cupboards.

Beware because climbing heights can be risky if you are not careful. You can even end up having fractures in the bones when you climb heights.

Therefore, it is best advised to use mops, dusters, and vacuum cleaning suction pipes with telescopic handles wherever possible. If you have to climb heights at all, do not climb over two feet. Moreover, always insist upon getting some assistance when you climb heights.

Check that there is no fire outbreak

Fire accidents occur quite commonly when people clean their houses. Basically, people forget to keep flammable items like paper, cloth, plastics, or inflammable liquids like kerosene and spirit away from the source of fire during the process of cleaning their house. Hence, the slightest of carelessness leads to the most lethal of fire accidents.