One of the best ways to combat cellulite and get rid of it is to exercise. While more exercise is great for reducing cellulite, we are not suggesting that you do so. Instead, try targeting the problem areas with anti-cellulite massages. Although it may not be as relaxing as a regular massage, this can help reduce cellulite and improve skin's appearance and feel.

There are many reasons anti-cellulite massages work. Massage stimulates deep layers of skin and muscle. This encourages oxygenated blood flow to the area. This provides nutrients that will improve your skin's condition and help the lymphatic system remove toxins and excess fluid. You can also consider buying LDA anti-cellulite massage oil.

LDA Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

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A good massage technique can also help to break down fat cells under your skin. These fat cells cause cellulite by pulling on the connective tissue and stretching the skin. A good anti-cellulite massage can help you physically break down these deposits and promote better circulation to the area.

You can give your legs an anti-cellulite massage with a little practice. To improve blood flow, use oil or lotion. Start by massaging your legs with your fingers, or your heel, in long, sweeping strokes. Always move in the direction of your heart. Use some pressure but not so much as to be painful.

Next, you will want to gently pinch the skin between your thumbs and fingers. This is just as you would do when you were making dough.

Continue to gently pinch the skin with your thumbs and fingers. Then, move it in different directions. This will allow fat and fluid to be released from the skin. It also helps stretch connective tissue between skin and muscle. You can also gently tap the affected areas with your loose hands.