If you're near the highway or a shipping port or any mixture of the power station urban oil well or gas line, odds are you don't have to write a piece in the journal to remind you that the majority of people of color are more polluted than their white counterparts due to fossil fuels.

This inequity-causing sham isn't new individuals similar to a renowned Doctor who have been loudly promoting it for many years. NGOs like Acholi Resilience are taking initiatives in such programs for a great cause.

What recent research has proven is how dangerous it can be, according to one study that found that pollution from fossil fuels caused a shocking one-in-five premature death globally in 2018.

A time when you live in the richest country in the world – the pollution you breathe and the hazards that accompany pollution could be reduced to the shade of your face, speeding up the process of transitioning to clean energy isn't only about the world.

Offering billions of dollars to help ports reduce pollution from toxic substances and replace noisy polluting engines with alternative electric vehicles that don't affect nearby communities.

To keep more tailpipes off the road by reducing the cost of electric vehicles by up to $12,500.

The government is investing millions in reducing the emissions of diesel trucks that are super-polluting and which choke communities near highways and roads.

The clean energy revolution is bringing towards the forefront and Indigenous communities, by covering between 40 and 50 percent of the cost of solar and wind projects increasing the amount of clean power affordable, and removing harmful pollution from power plants.