We all use petroleum jelly. An excellent product for wiping diapers, dry hands, tattoos, feet, cuticles, chapped lips, and removing makeup. It just looks and sounds like a cure-all, right? You can also use non-petroleum jelly to heal tattoos.

The name Vaseline is something that comes off the tongue that we don't even think about. However, non petroleum balm or petroleum is a petroleum byproduct such as paraffin from oil exploration which is refined by certain processes, but this has caused some controversy.

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If that doesn't confirm your choice for something more natural, the price of gasoline will continue to go up. With all the problems we have seen drilling and where we should and shouldn't drill, it also makes us realize and reminds us that oil is not a renewable resource.

Apart from that, my non-petroleum jelly contains castor oil, a vegetable oil made from castor seeds and local beeswax, without any pesticides or antibiotics like most commercial beeswax or even beeswax.

I also add a little vitamin E oil, which is not only good for the skin but also an antioxidant and helps prolong the oxidation or rancidity of the oil. There is no goat's milk in my non-petroleum jelly because my non-petroleum jelly is an anhydrous product.