Modern wedding anniversary gifts are alternative ideas to the traditional item list. Gift-giving started out during medieval Europe when husbands give silver wreaths to their wives for their 25th wedding anniversary and gold wreaths for the 50th.

Adherence to the gift list and ideas below is not obligatory, but a guideline. Creativity is the key to making it worthwhile. It's up to you to make whatever is listed below extra special. Maybe a little dramatic effect or a creative concept would arise the romance you and your partner have.

You can also buy wedding anniversary gifts online for silver jubilee.

With the given ideas below, the idea of giving and the style of presenting it is what treasures everything.

1st Anniversary Gift Modern: Clock. The tick-tocking sound of timepieces reminds you of how worthy your lives together while looking forward to a more fruitful years together.

2nd Anniversary Gift Modern: China. China gifts can be more than just chinawares. Check out if you can get statues, candlesticks to light up your dinner together, or ornaments to decorate your table for two. A unique way to show your love is to give your spouse the two combined items. A china necklace or a china bracelet ornamented with garnet and put it on top of a piece of your partner's favorite cake!

3rd Anniversary Gift Modern: Crystal. A more modern approach is a sunglasses present. Find something chic and classy or a sophisticated elegant look. There are lots of gift items associated with crystal. Glasses can be one. Candleholders can set the mood for a candlelight dinner, vases can be filled with romantic flowers, or wine glasses can be paired with a bottle of wine.