Key supplies are essential for any party. No matter how small or large the event, key supplies like glassware, mobile bars, and crockery can bring a little flair to any low-key affair. You want guests to be impressed by your host's skills, and these items are essential.

Renting supplies is cheaper than buying them – unless you host parties every day. Renting everything is cheaper than buying them. You can also get advice about what supplies you need for a special event. Here's a list of essential requirements that will get the party started. You can also get more information about special event supplies via

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Punch bowls, ice buckets

Punch bowls are essential for light drinkers and teetotallers. Minibars are also an important part of the mix for those who drink alcohol. For variety, mix at least two kinds of punches and offer at least two to three types of alcoholic beverages for the rest of us. Many bowls will be available for party supply companies. For a celebration feel, choose large glass bowls and vintage-inspired porcelain bowls.

So that you don’t have to go to the fridge as often, ice buckets can be placed where it is needed. Place them near the punch bowls or on the mini-bar.


Lighting is often overlooked. You can use special lights depending on the type of party that you are hosting to create a festive atmosphere. You can rent disco balls, string lights, and lanterns for both indoor and outdoor events. Strobes and accent lights are also available.

Even a novice planner can become an expert organizer with these few essentials. These items aren't expensive unless you want to spend a lot. They guarantee a well-planned special event that will be remembered for weeks.