A company may need to recruit staff. This is where another company provides services to help them select the right employees based upon their abilities and other attributes. Many smaller businesses rely on friends and contacts from employees to fill vacancies. They may also advertise in local media such as magazines and newspapers.

This isn't always possible for larger companies as it might not be feasible to fill large numbers through existing employees or in-house advertising. Medium- to large-sized companies will often seek the assistance of a national or local recruitment agency. They may also work alongside their human resources or personnel department.

Recruitment services are now a necessity for any modern agency, no matter if it's a traditional business that employs people in their local area or a newer one with offices in the high street.

Primary Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

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Application Procedure

A typical process for a recruitment company will involve discussing the vacancy with the client. The first step to filling a vacancy is getting accurate information. The next step is to find out the exact details about the job.

The recruitment company will review the applications and CVs of the candidates to determine its selection criteria. The aptitude of a candidate for a specific role will be graded based on the skills required. 

This could include typing speed, knowledge of specific programs or Microsoft Office. Some positions will require extensive psychometric testing. This may include personality tests and language and reasoning tests.

Filling the vacant

For further assessment, the candidate might be asked to attend an interview with the client. If the recruitment process was successful, potential candidates should be offered positions with clients.