Indescribably sad was a feeling I felt once in my entire life. My boyfriend ended our relationship and I was not sure why. I was devastated. It felt like my entire life was over. It is hard to believe that I was able to continue my daily duties despite deep sadness and anger. I thought about all the reasons he might have left me. And I blamed myself.

I spent hours searching the internet for sites about loneliness, rejection, broken hearts, etc. You can find many songs and photos about loneliness and rejection. People can share their feelings of loneliness or low self-esteem on forums. You can get loneliness sad quotes online via

One day, I was searching for words to express my sorrows and came across this quote. It changed my entire life.

I was immediately attracted to this phrase. I began to consider my situation. Yes, one door was closed. But, did I not pay enough attention to the other doors that could be opened? Perhaps there was a way out of my despairing condition. It was as if the storm clouds that had kept me in darkness for so long were able to open up and let a sudden light flood my mind.

Someone who suffers from a breakup is actually suffering from a mental disability. They don't realize there are ways to overcome the sadness that they are overlooking due to their mental state.

After this experience, I discovered that there are many websites where broken-hearted people can search for quotes and sayings about sadness. There are also advice and sayings to help them overcome their problems.