Massage therapists are professionals who use touch and massage to treat injuries, relieve pain, increase blood circulation, relieve stress, and promote relaxation and the general well-being of clients. Massage therapists use a variety of massage methods to treat their clients.

Massage therapists work directly with clients to improve their well-being. As such, it is a very meaningful career where one develops a personal relationship with their customers. You should have a massage accreditation to become a massage therapist.

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Our anonymous survey found that more than 80% of masseurs are satisfied with their work. Massage therapy is a rapidly growing profession and more people are benefiting from the effects of massage therapy.

Massage therapists usually work for each client, so their hours are irregular and flexible. Many masseurs are self-employed, some running their salon or spa.

Massage therapy is also a very stable profession as more and more people seek relaxation therapy methods. Massage therapists have very flexible and irregular working hours, so there is no "typical" day for a massage therapist. Most of the time, the masseur's day is divided between working with clients and scheduling meetings with other clients.

Some masseurs also spend part of their day in training courses and seminars learning new techniques. Since their work is primarily for each customer, the amount of work you do each day depends on how many customers you have.