There are a number of causes for roof leaks. You may have guessed that the older you get with the shingles, the more likely you are to have a roof leak. Did you know that poor insulation and improper ventilation are also the two main causes of roof leaks and damage? Even if you have the best quality shingle money can buy, the roof will leak before the end of your life if the entire roofing system is not installed properly. If you wants to repair your roof in Whitby via

There are additional elements that you cannot control, such as B. weather, which also contributes to roof leaks. Wind can seriously damage roof tiles and incorrectly install roof lightning bolts. As a result, tree branches or entire trees in your house can collapse. Other weather conditions like rain and snow are also potential hazards to consider with your roof. Installing quality tiles that are high wind and impact resistant will ensure that your roof will withstand whatever Nature sends!

Don't forget about our little furry friends like squirrels and raccoons. They always seem to find a way to log in whenever they want. Animals tend to tear shingles, punch holes, and find every tiny hole to enter. Animals don't care if they aren't invited. You will find a way out if you don't protect your home properly.

Is your roof protected from leaks? How much life is left on your roof If you are unsure, we recommend having a professional inspector on your roof before a leak occurs? Hiring a roof plaster to fix pre-existing leaks is the best way to keep your home safe. Don't bet you'll do it yourself – you could potentially make the roof worse.