The Pocket sliding doors and windows are available in different models and with a range of accessories that enable you to enhance the look of the home. They can be used as a simple access point for getting fresh air, as you can opt for those with openable windows for this purpose. Sliding doors and windows can be kept as additional features or gaining focal points within your home.

Pocket Sliding doors is one of the most accessible and cost-effective options for adding and opening up a wall into your room that has no door. It needs little space, and is installed into any corner that has a window. You can choose either inward or outward opening sliding doors, but our focus is on outward-opening ones. 

Pocket Sliding doors have a distinctive look, and are popular in contemporary homes with minimalist interiors. However for those seeking a little more privacy from the outside world, sliding doors are also a practical solution."

The Varieties of Sliding Doors to Enhance Home Interior & Exterior

Many people love to install pocket Sliding doors in the house interior & exterior. There are different types of pocket Sliding doors. Here are some of them:

1. Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are the most popular pocket Sliding doors. It is quite easy to open and close these doors. You can easily move it in a single direction due to its simple mechanism. These kinds of pocket Sliding doors are very common in houses, apartments, offices etc.

2. Pocket Doors

Pocket Sliding Doors are another famous kind of pocket Sliding door which can be used for smaller spaces. If you have a very small opening in the wall then you can install this kind of pocket Sliding door to get more usable space in your house. 

  3. French Doors

French doors are also called Patio Doors or Doors with Transom Windows which are used for both interior and exterior applications. These kinds of pocket Sliding doors are normally used for patio areas where you can get more fresh air inside your house or apartment.  

  4. Double Hung Doors

Double Hung doors are a very common type of door nowadays. It is quite easy to open and close this door due to its simple mechanism. This door is normally used for homes, offices, restaurants

5. Sliding French Doors

Sliding French Doors allow you to open up your home's interior or exterior. They are the top choice by homeowners because of their low-maintenance requirements and high homeowner appeal, while remaining stylish and practical additions to any home.

6. Shoji Doors

Shoji doors work as wall panels and dividers that allow homeowners to customize the layout and structure of the room to fit their needs and comfort. Shoji doors can be used inside and outside your house, but they are most commonly found in Japanese-inspired homes. It is widely used in Asian homes because it is effective at regulating temperature and serving as a source of lighting.

 7. Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are hinged doors formed by folding hinged portions together, one after the other. Coming to the definition of the accordion doors, accordion doors are also known as pleated or folding doors that are created by folding panels or sides into parallel folds to form a compact door. Accordion doors are generally used for decorative purposes but can be functional too.

8. Barn Doors

The integration of the slide door in the Barn Doors will be very practical because it can save space. The sliding door is an integrated part of the barn. The sliding effect allows the door to be opened by pulling it back like a curtain to reveal what lies behind it.