A fixed window is an attractive design element for any house. It makes the exterior visually appealing , and also makes the inside feel more expansive. Made up with three windows or more that are positioned to face the exterior of the house The bay window usually has the largest fixed window that acts as the main feature. 

Two windows to either side enter the home at an angle, and are opened to let the air into. Many people believe that fixed home windows are a beautiful design element for any house, so deciding on how to style them using curtains is a bit difficult.

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Since fixed windows don't just sit flat against walls, your initial option is to decide if you'll be able to use curtains that will shut off the entire room or if you'll put curtains for each window within the unit. An alternative is to buy specific windows with bay curtain poles that let you easily wrap the windows in a single layer, without the hassle of three poles.

There are two kinds of fixed windows. A full bay is in which the whole wall extends out, creating space in the home's interior. Another option is a bay that has an open window. They have an open surface on which cushions can be placed to allow people to unwind or used to add decorative elements. 

If you have windows with bays that have seats, the simplest solution is to put the curtain up on the wall, thereby shutting off the entire window as well as the seat space when you want to. You can also search online for the best fixed window.