Development management is the process of managing and controlling the development of any local area to achieve the local planning objectives positively and healthily. 

The introduction of development management was an attempt to change the culture of planning from the previous process of 'development control'. You can also look for the top urban planning consulting firms via

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An example of development is emerging details about a local robbery. An example of development is a community of condos intended for seniors.

Why is management important?

Development management actively controls the range of activities, such as the use of resources, the rate of literacy, the number of jobs offered, etc in a local area, and helps to maintain a stable and healthy environment. 

There are few phases for a project to develop properly and successfully. The phases are listed as follow:

Phase 1: Initiation

This is the first step where the project is initiated and handed over to some capable head. The goal of the project is to be defined on a broader level. Also, in this step, it is discussed whether the project is feasible enough to be taken forward and the feasibility test is conducted.

Phase 2: Planning and design

Planning and design are the most important aspects of any kind of project. Without proper planning, no construction can be deemed feasible or habitable. 

The designs delivered should be specific, attainable, and realistic. While planning all the elements and resources should be taken into consideration, and used efficiently for the project.