Turf producers and turf suppliers now sell their products online which can include cultivated lawn turf, topsoil, bark, and mulch. You can order from the convenience of your home, choose a delivery date, sit back, and wait for your new turf to arrive.

However, don't get too carried away because the job isn't done yet. Laying lawn turf is relatively easy and your retailer will be able to advise on how to do so but you need to make sure your ground is ready for the turf to arrive.

The following article will walk you through the ground preparation steps before ordering your new turf.

Remove Old Lawn

The first thing you need to do is remove your old, worn lawn. This can be done by slicing under the grass, ideally with a turf hoe, but a regular hoe will be fine. For larger gardens you can rent turf cutters from a local hire store, this will save some energy as well. Old lawns should be removed to a depth of about 25 mm and pieces of turf can be rolled up and disposed of in a skip. If you are searching for turf supplies in Windsor then refer to https://www.hawkesburyturf.com.au/.

Cultivate Soil

Soil without turf should now be cultivated or replaced to a depth of about 150 mm. This can be done manually by digging with a hoe. You can rent a powered cultivator, or rotator, for a less labor-intensive approach and to completely break up the existing soil. Talk to a local tool hire shop or garden center about this. Remove visible weeds, stones, and debris from the soil once cultivated.

Final Ground Preparation

Now it's time to build a solid level base for laying the turf. This is the most important step in land preparation and time and care must be taken here. Roughly rake the topsoil level, working backward to avoid walking over the already prepared area.

To test your ground tightness, only a light footprint should be visible when pressing down with your foot. Once you are happy with the levels and firmness give your turf a final rake to make a good swath to place.